We will guide you to the best spa plan.

We propose optimal treatments that take into account your skin quality, physical condition, and the climate of the day.
Japanese is also available, so please contact us for detailed treatment requests.

Vietnamese spa which can be beautiful from inside

Please enjoy Vietnamese Beauty Spa, where you can beautify your body from the inside and outside of your body by refining your body with natural materials from Vietnam and relaxing your muscles with a strong treatment.

MICHI SPA discerning towel material

Towel sheets are made of 100% cotton that is gentle on the skin. Spend a relaxing time while being wrapped in soft and comfortable organic cotton.

World heritage city hoi an

The streets of the ancient city of Hoi An lit by lanterns are picturesque. Why don't you take a break at MICHI SPA during the cool evening walk?

World Heritage City Hue

Hue is a historic city where the last dynasty of Vietnam sleeps. How about refreshing your tired body from walking around a World Heritage site with MICHI SPA?

Welcome to MICHI SPA

Make your favorite luxury resort spa closer

Da Nang is home to world-class brand hotels, and there are luxury spas where celebs and VIPs around the world spend their holidays.
MICHI SPA is a Japanese-style hotel spa located in a quiet and peaceful area near the center of Da Nang.
In a clean space with aroma fragrance, we promise that you can fully enjoy the sophisticated treatments by top therapists.
At MICHI SPA, we would like you to experience the resort spa that you longed for more closely, and offer it at a reasonable price unique to Vietnam.

Providing world-standard SPA quality

Providing world-standard SPA quality

Therapists and experienced therapists who have experienced at 5 star hotels welcome you with hospitality and hospitality.
Reservations can be made in Japanese, so please contact us for detailed treatments.

Facilities located in the center of Da Nang

Facilities located in the center of Da Nang

Spa facility with the largest area in Da Nang. A clean and clean treatment room ensures a comfortable and safe spa treatment.
There is also a jacuzzi and shower room, making it the perfect place to refresh before returning home.

SPA using Vietnamese material

SPA using Vietnamese material

Use natural oils and scrubs such as Vietnamese lemongrass and traditional herbs as a treatment.
We offer an original spa that can be beautiful from the inside and outside, adjusting the beauty of the body with natural materials and relaxing muscle stiffness with a strong treatment.

Get closer to your favorite luxury spa

Get closer to your favorite luxury spa

You can enjoy a high-quality hotel spa at a great price at the luxury of a cheap Vietnam price.
Luxury blanc that is hard to receive in Japan can be enjoyed at a reasonable price at MICHI SPA.


A spacious spa facility with the largest area in Da Nang.
In the center, you are freed from the hustle and bustle and you can enjoy a relaxing and elegant spa.
From the moment you step into the aroma-scented entrance, the special time at MICHI SPA begins.
MICHI SPA wants to be a healing space where you can feel like you want to stay here.

VIP Spa Room Information

Why don't you spend your precious time and a little extravagant and extraordinary time using a VIP room?
A spa where you can relax your mind and body in a quiet private space separated from the surroundings, you can feel a special healing time.
The Jacuzzi on the terrace offers a panoramic view of Da Nang. Please enjoy a private time with important people such as family, friends, and lovers.

Additional price: 400,000 VND